Clear Data for
Instant Insights.

Login to your dashboard wherever you are.

Find anomalies such as energy use outside usual hours.

Investigate with up to the second results.

Rest easy knowing everything is in order.

The key benefit GridSpy provided me as an energy consultant was a higher level of data and information ... [this] ensured that energy efficiency opportunities were identified and implemented ...

Jonathan Pooch — Managing Director, DETA consulting Limited

Second by second updates, 86400 per day

Power bills are complex and not actionable. GridSpy breaks them into moment by moment readings you can share and understand on the browser on your desktop, tablet and smartphone.


Instead of waiting between 15 minutes and two days for a standard Time of Use (ToU) meter or your retailer's data, how about waiting 1 second to see what just happened?

Instant feedback is required to really understand whats going on in your business and encourage experimentation and positive change.

Hunt for Zero. Keep turning loads off until you reach 0 watts used. Then you know that you've found all the vampires. Did you discover any loads you didn't expect?

All your Historical Data at 1 minute resolution

Other monitoring systems turn hours, minutes and weeks into a hard to interpret mess. But when you see 1 minute data on the GridSpy Cloud Dash, the peaks and troughs in the data are crystal clear.


This clarity and insight enables you to map out the peaks and troughs in your data and correlate them with the boilers, chillers, lights and production loads that your particular business uses. Any anomalies leap out at you very quickly.

What is more, GridSpy stores and presents on call your energy use information indefinitely as you continue to benefit from your monitoring solution.

Shareable Insights

All the details for those that need it, summaries for those that don't, and overviews for those in the drivers seat.


Use the Cloud Dash to share with staff and stakeholders and engage them in the saving process. Directly monitor the parts of a business that a small group of your staff can control. Then grant them access to your GridSpy Cloud Dash. When they log-in they can immediately view how much energy their actions are consuming.

The instant feedback allows your staff to experiment with their energy use and gain an immediate insight into the costs behind their decisions.

The Cloud Dash is a resource for all the questions you have and will help you see things you never even thought of asking. You can even use it to understand spikes and peak loads and check for unexpected water or gas leaks.

Manageable Pieces

Split your power use into little pieces that are each easy to understand and manage.


Spread our clip-on sensors through your distribution boards (sub-metering) and we'll split that huge and unwieldy power bill unto chunks you can tackle.

You will identify issues with lighting, HVAC, machinery and other areas of your business before they cause damage, run up high costs, or create expensive delays from preventable breakdowns.

Don't take our word for it

A picture’s worth a thousand words but a live public demo is even better

View public dashboards

The easy to use online dashboard has meant generating opportunities and incentives to change behaviours has been easy...

Lincoln Coe — GM Infrastructure, Port Otago Ltd

The Gridspy Dashboard in a nutshell

Available anywhere anytime

Easy to share with stakeholders

Quick and easy installation process

Splits usage into individual circuits such as heating and lighting

Aggregated second by second updates

You will save money

We’ve found working with GridSpy to be a pleasure for both ourselves and our clients. Their equipment is easy to use and set-up is a breeze; what more could we ask for?

Brett Cameron, A Director of Smart Power Ltd (NZ)

The key benefit GridSpy provided me as an energy consultant was a higher level of data and information.

This high level of data ensured that energy efficiency opportunities were identified and implemented and also allowed energy savings to be measured in a more timely fashion.

Jonathan Pooch, Managing Director, DETA consulting Limited